Zoya- Addison

When you hear the name Addison who do you think of? I think of Addison from Grey’s Anatomy, Derek’s Ex wife. I have to say I really didn’t like her character and definitely didn’t watch Private Practice. When I was looking for some pretty nudes from Zoya I didn’t want to try Addison because of the name. How silly is that?! So I bought it and absolutely love it! I am currently sporting this color because I have been going to job interviews.




In the shade:





In direct sunlight:





If you notice a little wear on my nails it’s because I’ve been wearing this color for 3 days now and have not experienced any chips! I’m wearing 3 coats, but you only need 2 coats for the color to be fully opaque. I’m very much into vivid colors, but I have to say guys I am loving this nude.


What do you think? Have you ever judged a color based on it’s name?


Until next time, stay pretty❤

2 Comments to “Zoya- Addison”

  1. I’m a huge Zoya fan, and I love this color on you. I love how long they wear. I take them off before they chip because I want to wear a different color. Again, love this color on you. As for the names, Most of my Zoya names aren’t associated with anyone for me. I do love the OPI names. They make me smile.

  2. Ooh, so pretty! I never saw this color before.

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