Belated Holiday Nail Art

Hello all, I hope you all have had a great day. Today I have a quick post on some nail art I did around the holidays. I never got around to posting it because I had so much going on, so I’m just going to post how my nails looked Smile These were all Christmas manicures I did. I actually didn’t have a chance to try New Year’s manicures because I spent those days in the hospital with my dad. I was planning to do 3D firework nails, hmm maybe for the 4th of July? Smile 


Here are my Grinch nails. I did funky stripes because it reminded me of the strange Dr. Seuss world:



These are my snow flake blizzard nails:



This was my Christmas variety nails. I tried to do a textured snow man, but I think it came out looking strange:



Here were my Glitzy Christmas Eve nails:



These were my Christmas day nails:



If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw some if not all of these on there. If you want to follow me my Instagram is @natashaspark same as my twitter Smile I saw a lot of your guys’ nail art and I loved it! I’m still trying to do the candy cane nails, I feel like I can’t get them right!


Are you practicing your Valentine’s Day nail art?


Until next time, stay pretty❤

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