OPI- My Very First Knockwurst

Hello world, I hope you are all happy and doing well. If you’re not, is there any way I can help you feel better? Sad smile If you’re thinking, “A nail polish swatch would cheer me up,” then you are in luck my friends. Today I have OPI’s My Very First Knockwurst. This is from the Germany Collection and I recently picked it up in search for a neutral shade for job interviews. I thought this color looked gorgeous in the bottle so I had to have it. My Very First Knockwurst is a creamy beige-white color with a tiny hint of pink. No shimmer in this shade, just pure creaminess. The first coat was quite streaky, but it evened out on the second coat.






In the shade:





In direct sunlight:





Overall, I really loved this shade BUT I don’t think it went well with my skin tone. I feel like it washed me out and made my hands look strange. I was so self conscious about my nails I decided not to wear this to my interview.


What do you think of this shade? What nail color do you recommend for job interviews?


Until next time, stay pretty❤

7 Comments to “OPI- My Very First Knockwurst”

  1. I think this looks nice on you, but if you don’t care for it, then you don’t. Some polishes are like that. If I ever get another job interview I’m going to wear OPI Berlin There Done That, from the same collection. Or the other one I think would be job interview appropriate would be L’Oreal stop and smell the roses, it’s a very neutral light rose. Oh, and Revlon Gray Suede would also be a good neutral for an interview. It’s a dupe for CHANEL’s frenzy.
    Good luck with your interviews! In my neck of the woods they are very scarce!
    — Judi

  2. I absolutely love this color! I have it on my toes right now but I got it done at a salon and I don’t own the color. Must find it soon! I think it looks great on you but man I hate that when you do your nails and then you hate the color or design.

    • I’m gonna give it another try this color is so gorgeous in the bottle! I’m hoping maybe I was just feeling nervous from the interview and that’s why I was freaking about my polish haha. But yeah I hate when that happens it feels like I wasted polish by changing it so fast.

  3. I really like It. I spend money because of your blog! Great pictures as always

  4. My go to neutral from the Germany collection is Don’t Pretzel My Buttons. It my mannequin hands color. (same color as my skin so my fingers look miles long) I also love a shade from Zoya called Kennedy. It’s a neutral with a hint of lavender in it. My other favorite Zoya neutral is Flowie. It a darker caramel tone. Just a few ideas. I actually really liked this shade on you. I thought it was really pretty and perfect for the office.

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