How To Get Off Glitter Polish

Oh glittery, sparkly, nail polish how I love thee. Why are you so stubborn and refuse to get off?! Glittery nail polish is beautiful and beyond frustrating. It can take forever to take it off by just wiping it way with acetone and a cotton ball. If you don’t know this already, I’ll give you a great tip on how to remove glitter nail polish.

First what you need is nail polish remover, aluminum foil, and cotton.


You then cut the foil in half, and into little squares after that to make it easier. I just have a picture of it cut in halves.


Next what you do is put nail polish remover on the cotton ball, put it over your nail and leave it there. Get a square of aluminum foil and cover you finger.




I actually ran out of nail polish remover and that’s why I only have four fingers covered haha. So make sure you have enough polish remover before you start this. Once you have all of your fingers covered and they all look like this, stay like this for about 4 minutes. I have thin nails so I kept it on for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Now that the time has passed all you do is take off the foil, lift up the cotton ball, and rub the polish. All of it should come off in one step and your nail will be bare.




So why does this work? Well acetone is a volatile liquid, so when you put foil over the cotton it doesn’t vaporize. It keeps the liquid in and it helps break the polish down, making it easier for you to remove.

Now follow these steps and get your glittery nail polish off easily Smile

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, how did you get the rest of your polish off if you ran out of nail polish remover???

Here’s how:


I put my fingers in hot water. Not boiling, don’t ever do that! It was just really hot. Then my nail polish started loosing up and I simply removed it like this:


It came up in a solid piece and I just took it off. I don’t usually do this because it can damage your nails when you peel your polish off. But acetone isn’t that great either so you know, beauty can be painful Smile with tongue out haha.

I hope this post helps to get rid of your glitter nail polish fears. Do you have another way of removing glitter nail polish?

Stay Pretty❤

13 Comments to “How To Get Off Glitter Polish”

  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I’ve always struggled to remove glitter polish so I imagine this tip will come in very, very useful in the future!

    Naomi x

  2. I love glitter nail polish, but I HATE taking it off — since it doesn’t usually happen lol. This is a great post ^_^

  3. This is great that julep good glitter i got is the WORST to get off… Its like glue. Ill have to try this!,

  4. Wow… I would have never thought of that! I always avoid glitter polish cause it’s near death taking them off. I’m definitely going to try this out next time! Thanks love!

  5. And here I thought the proper way to remove glitter polish was to rub it frantically with a cotton ball for half an hour while swearing under your breath. Learn something new every day!😉 I saw this done once before but the person made giant claws of aluminum foil, and while I like Wolverine I didn’t particularly want to look like him, so I’ve never tried it. Nice to know it can be done with somewhat more normal looking strips, will have to give it a try.

    • That’s what I use to do to! Then I’d do the worst thing and chip it all off! haha I work in a lab and after noticing some of the stuff they did with the volatile liquid there I thought of it. Then I looked it up onlline to see it’s been done before, so that I don’t recommend something that makes peoples nails fall off😛 haha so far this works and all that falls off is the glitter polish:) hope this works for you too!

  6. So, that is the way to easily remove glitter nail polish?! I should try this one day. I have actually stayed away from the glittery ones in months because I just hate it when it’s changing-nail-polish time and my nails take forever to get cleaned…

    Oh, thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post.

    Cheers x

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